Holistic Life and Career Coaching

Coaching From The Inside Out

What is a Holistic Coach?

Holistic Coaching is designed to bring clarity to your personal life and career. To re-direct you from looking back at the past and to step fully into the light of today and the future that you choose to create.  Your life is just that, YOUR LIFE,  there is no separation between life and career…it’s your WHOLE life.  Now the questions is “How do I blend the two to create a life that is FULL-filled and not filled? Invest in YOU. Invest in your mental health. After all, you invest in your physical health, your business and the stock market…right? Your biggest INVESTMENT is YOU.

What this means for you, is together we will create an atmosphere where you will develop a powerful intuition and share a transformational process that will align the personal and professional intentions you have with the necessary actions to create and sustain prosperity.


The real benefit will be the confidence, comfort and certainty to navigate your life by serving your authentic self-first.


Our coaching sessions will help you:

Look at your life and career from inside out.

Give you the tools to develop and maintain serenity

Provide clarity and confidence in your life and career.

Move you through a process that will deliver the results you desire

Today make an investment in your future self by giving yourself the gift of harmony, blending of all of YOU. Your WHOLE self.


"Kay is amazing! She has truly blest my life with true accountability, talking about the REAL stuff, and moving my Family and business into a life that we deserve!!! Thanks to Kay Blond, my life is one that I LOVE to wake up to each day!! You will not be disappointed in what you get!" - Carol Usher Holthaus
"One of the things I appreciate about Kay is that she doesn't have just one coaching style. She can be tough (because I sometimes need her to be) and isn't afraid to tell me what I may not want to hear, and at the same time I know she has my back and will support me no matter what I need. I like that we don't just coach on numbers and sales...although that is a part of it. We track, track, track so we make sure I stay on track for my goals. However, she also coaches me on life challenges that can in turn have an impact on my success. Whether it's holding me accountable to get my home office organized, or making a game plan for future life events...we cover it all. My business has continually grown by having her accountability and keeping my numbers in front of me. She has also opened my eyes to new ideas and ways to make life better in general. I am very grateful for her support!" - Missy Hargate
"I like coaching with Kay because she motivates me to succeed, inspires me to achieve and offers impactful ideas that change my life. Her style is real. She says it as it is. She allows me to learn through my sessions and come to my own conclusions. I am most impacted by her ability to open my eyes to new ideas. Her business coaching is inspirational. She gives me the tools to reach my goals. I have been coaching with Kay for a couple of months. I have learned more than I could have imagined. These lessons have not only impacted my professional success, but also success in my personal life. I continue to coach with Kay because I know that with her guidance I have the ability to achieve my goals and create the life I want to live." - Amanda M
"Kay has been my business coach since 2013 when I started my career in real estate as a single agent. Kay tells you like it is, doesn't sugar coat it and demands the highest participation in her coaching program. She keeps me grounded and continues to push me to grow my business. I doubled my business from 2013 to 2014, which wouldn't have been possible without her. This year my business is on track to pass 2014 numbers and will include hiring agents to assist with my business. If you are looking for business coach to light a fire under your business and guide you in the right direction than Kay would be the person to call." - Mark M
"Kay is an incredible life coach. She knows how to ask deep moving questions to pull heartfelt, life changing answers out of one's inner man. She is motivational, but honest and very down to earth. She holds one accountable without being hard core. I would recommend if you are looking for a life/career coach...look no further!" - Kim Winnett
"One of the most important decisions you can make is to hire a coach. The opportunity to work with someone passionate, dedicated and committed to client's success is the hallmark of working with Kay. I would encourage you to have a conversation with Kay and to experience what it feels like to work with a true professional." - Brian Strock
"Kay's coaching has completely changed the life pulse of my business. Through her techniques not only has my business grown exponentially but my personal life is now in balance with my work life. She really teaches you how to bring everything together as a whole. My company would not be where it is today without her!" - Jennifer Johnson

Whether it’s clutter in our minds or in our physical space, do a clearing and you’ll be surprised at how your energy will rise.

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